EMEK The Astrolationist


"The Astrolationist" by EMEK

The Astrolationist.. like an isolated astronaut Astro means “relating to the stars, celestial objects, or outer space” Lation means “motion of a celestial object from one place to another” ist means "a person who specializes in a specified art or science" He is isolated, but he is bringing the party (and hope) to a dying world The Astrolationist. A new word created by EMEK (trademarked, lol) 10 x 12.5 in. (25.4 x 31.75 cm) Unique and distinct multi-layered fine art wood print hand signed and numbered by EMEK A unique multi-layered fine art birch wood print starts with a 1/2" wood print base with a 1/4" custom cut to shape Astrolationist layed on top. Hand signed and numbered.