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Photo gallery walls are the go-to option if you are looking to inject a fresh stream of warmth and personal creativity into your gracious home. A neck-turning and timeless photo gallery can help to show big art pieces in large rooms and seamlessly cover the cozy corners of your house.

Of course, there are numerous ways to display a photo gallery wall but a huge chunk of folks has a problem with the exact place to position the art. You need to place the gallery wall strategically to bring out its elegance. Here are several traditional as well as unexpected spaces you can position a photo gallery wall to help capture your personality and interests.

Focus on the Home Office

Office decorations look awesome. Since it is the part of your home where you go to get stuff done, it ought to have a welcoming environment. Therefore, it should be added to the rooms that need a little facelift with the addition of a stunning photo gallery wall.

The office is particularly becoming a vital area now that most people are working from home. Brightening up the room might help to boost your motivation and improve your productivity. You can embellish the office with a nice piece of your finest photo collection.

Freshening up the office area with a mesmerizing gallery wall helps to create an enviable background for Zoom meetings. The trend is gradually gaining traction and you should jump on it as well.

Start with Commonly-Utilized Entertainment Areas

You can never go wrong with frequently utilized entertainment areas in your house when it comes to exhibiting your photo gallery wall. It is a very practical space if you are fond of entertaining your guests. Refreshing your dining room or living area with an eye-catching gallery wall is the secret to creating a welcoming ambiance.

Hanging conspicuous artwork in these areas also helps to smoothly cover any bare spaces and empty walls in your living or dining area. The model piece for such spaces ought to spark conversation and bring you joy above all.

Now that the entertainment area is your most frequented area, its photo collection must tell a story and lighten up your mood every time. You can go with a low or high style and even do a little mixing to see what comes up. Primarily, your final choice should capture your hobbies and interests as an individual.

Find a Spot in the Bedroom

The most splendid gallery wall art is the one you hang in the not-so-obvious spaces. As much as having a photo gallery wall in your living room or other entertaining areas would be ideal for an epic conversational piece, it is nothing compared to the personal photos and personal artwork in your bedroom.

A good example of an intimate collection that you could have in the bedroom is a collection of colorful wedding photos. It is a perfect way to display and cherish one of the biggest days of your life. Neatly arrange your best shot on the bedroom wall or any other exclusive area you and your lover can revere forever.

Small Spaces are Superb

When you think of a photo gallery wall you picture a huge house with spacious rooms. However, that is not always the case. You do not necessarily need a mansion to display and curate your exquisite photo gallery collection. Even your relatively smaller can still set forth a beautiful photo gallery wall.

There are numerous ways to be thoughtful and creative with small areas such as the bathroom and staircase surface. Nonetheless, it is advisable to be moderate about small areas since it is easy to overwhelm them with an overly alluring piece.

It is not a bad thing only that it will potentially steal the shine and aggressively compete with other elegant design elements such as colorful bookcases or exotic rugs. Instead, go for a rather simple photo collection that will enhance the small space subtly and still retain its originally intended appearance.


These suggested places should provide the inspiration you need to hang your favorite photo gallery. Stay creative and open-minded about it. Do not be afraid to experiment with different styles as well.