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Are you done with your dream wedding and now in a dilemma about what to do with the hundreds of amazing photos you have? Read on about all the innovative new ways you can show off your romantic photos! Here are 9 creative ways to display wedding photos!

A Personal Wedding Calendar

Pick twelve of your most precious photos and create a wonderful calendar that you can enjoy all year round. Mark important anniversaries and significant dates so you never forget them. You can also gift it to your loved one so that they can remember your special day with you.

Install a Digital Frame

How do you pick the one perfect photo to frame out of the thousands you have? Well with a digital frame you do not have to. You can pick as many photos as you want and have them on rotation so that every single special moment is always on display.

Custom Art

Commission an artist to convert your favorite picture into a work of art. Get a custom drawing or painting of your most memorable scene and display it for a unique and beautiful reminder of your wedding.

PrintsOnWoods.com’s 5x7 multi-panel print collection is the perfect custom art to keep your memories forever. The photo collection is great for you to display your all-time favorite wedding photos for all your guests to enjoy.

Print on Mugs and Coasters

Displaying pictures does not only mean hanging them up. Consider printing them on anything and everything you want from - coffee mugs you use first thing in the morning to shirts to wear on your anniversaries to magnets you can gift to your family. You may even have your wedding photos printed on a clock so that you can see them each time you look at the time. It is an adorable way to share your photos with anyone who visits you.


Choose, arrange, and design your very own custom photo book. Add little remarks and notes so that this book that will be inherited by your future family members will tell your story! Make it the centerpiece of your display so that anyone who visits can feel like they were there with you on your special day.

Gallery Wall

Make your enchanting wedding photos the main focus of a gallery wall and add aesthetic shots of your venue, dress, and decorations to show off your fairy tale wedding. Make it your own by using different-sized frames or you can even have it all in black and white. The best part about a gallery wall is how customizable it is to show your personality.

Polaroid Display

While wedding photographers take the most beautiful photos, your friends and family can add their distinctive touch as well! Hand out polaroid cameras to your guests and have them photograph what they think is the best part of your day! Then, frame them up as a collage.

Displaying your wedding photos is an exciting activity. That said, it doesn’t always have to be a single photo of a happy couple at the altar. Pick any of these fun and innovative ways and exhibit your union!